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The very best college advisor services in California.Offering the very best college advisory services in California state. Our experienced advisors are sure to assist in students seeking the right college to enrol with guidance from application, financing, boarding to graduation. Allow ApexCollegeAdvisor to be your guide.

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The best college advisors in Los Angeles, is dedicated to helping students and their families in selecting the perfect college or university. We help guide through the entire procedure from enrollment qualifications to funding. Our advisors are passionate in seeking the best college/university for enrollment.


Our Approach

We treat each student and their family with a personal and empathetic approach by placing ourselves in the student family’s situation. Our college search is based on many factors including financial assistance and application assistance. Allow us to help you by contacting us for a no-cost consultation.


Our Mission

Our mission is to seek and find the perfect college or university to the satisfaction of our students and family. Utilizing our vast experience and knowledge of college/university enrollments throughout the United States.

Getting Started

It all starts with a phone call. Reach out to us and allow us to provide you and your family with a free consultation. We remove all the stress by answering all the tough questions. We even provide you with the answers to questions you did not even think of. The information or college advisors provide is essential to your academic success.

Venture, Seek Your Education

Your College Advisor is there for your benefit of fulfilling your academics. Be sure to ask lots of questions so they can assist in you completing your program in a timely manner.


College Advisory Success

We are continuously helping with student enrollments and matching them with the perfect college. Countless parents and families of students are saving money with tuition fees and student financing.


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“My parents and I were going stressed out about where I should be applying and enrolling for college. Luckily we found ApexCollegeAdvisor online and decided to call. We are very pleased with the service. Many thanks!”

Jane Paul


“The biggest stress of my life was searching for a college to enroll. Given the wide array of options before me, I was unclear on what to do. I thank Apexcollegeadvisor. You guys really helped me out. Took a load off my parents’ minds.”

Steve Wallery


“Finding the right college to enroll at can be a very stressful time especially when thinking about financing. I greatly appreciate the help and recommend college advisory services to help out. They know all the ins and outs.. Thank you”

Jordan Wayman


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