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The very best college advisory services available in California online.Our college advisory services start from many years with a background in academia working for various colleges and universities in California state. We are made up of a small group of retired teachers, professors and counsellors. A countless number of students and families have been assisted with our college advisory services over the past decade. A roster of continuous successful student placements and graduations are a direct result of our hands-on coaching approach. Students rely on us not only for advice but strategies to stay on course throughout their academic tenure. Along with our services come strategies and programs to help with college tuition financing as we understand the potential burden of financial hardships. Students carry a great responsibility and require proper guidance starting from their education before entering the workforce.

The highest goal (apex) of success for us is to assist in student competition of their academic goals and foster a winning attitude to begin their lives.


What We Do

ApexCollegeAdvisor.com is dedicated to helping students and their families in selecting the perfect college or university. We help guide through the entire procedure from enrollment qualifications to funding. Our advisors are passionate in seeking the best college/university for enrollment.


Our Approach

We treat each student and their family with a personal and empathetic approach by placing ourselves in the student family’s situation. Our college search is based on many factors including financial assistance and application assistance. Allow us to help you by contacting us for a no-cost consultation.


Our Mission

Our mission is to seek and find the perfect college or university to the satisfaction of our students and family. Utilizing our vast experience and knowledge of college/university enrollments throughout the United States.


College Advisory Success

We are continuously helping with student enrollments and matching them with the perfect college. Countless parents and families of students are saving money with tuition fees and student financing.


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